Capital Blokart® Club was established in Wellington on the 11th of August 2004 by a group of enthusiastic Blokart® sailors, with great vision and excitement for the potential that the club could offer.

Ground work is still being under-taken to build the membership of the club. We are looking towards having a venue in the Wellington region that will not only be suitable for club meeting but also National and International competitions.

Blokart® sailing is a great new sport suitable for the whole family, and yet can give the more adventurous an adrenalin rush too, depending on the strength of wind you choose to sail in.

Capital Blokart® Club is a great place to learn from experienced Blokart® sailors, and it’s great sailing with a group.

Our club meets socially on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm at one of the local Bar/Restaurants, eg Porirua Club. There is full restaurant and bar facilities and everyone is welcome to attend.

We are working towards one or more organised race days each month focusing on family fun, with impromptu gatherings whenever the wind blows!

With other clubs forming around NZ, we are looking forward to some great inter-club competition.

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