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Manawatu Blokart reserve the right to charge race fees on top of the Sanson track fee for organised Club/National and Internation events. Details will be in Notice of Race for these events.

I/we agree to comply with the rules and by-laws of Manawatu Blokart Club & New Zealand Blokart Association Inc, (NZBAI). Should I cause any injury or damage to myself, my associates, any other patrons, to any members of the public or any property, I waiver any form of the liability to the Manawatu Blokart Club executive, members and associates of Manawatu Blokart Club against all actions, claims or expenses in respect of any such injury or damage.
I/we consent to the collection of the above details by Manawatu Blokart Club & NZBAI for the purpose of membership records, sponsors and other funding agencies, the news media or other organisations for the development of Blokart sailing and for the benefit of Manawatu Blokart Club & NZBAI members.

The Manawatu Blokart Club & NZBAI requires the information on this membership form for its own records, administration and statistical purposes, the promotion of Blokart in the news media, the development of Blokart sailing and for the benefit of Manawatu Blokart Club & NZBAI members. Sponsors and other funding agencies may require non-identifying statistical information. Manawatu Blokart Club & NZBAI may also be required to pass your information on for its membership of relevant organisations.

Existing relevant organisations are:
· SPARC – Sport and Recreation NZ.
· IBRA – International Blokart Racing Association.
· Affiliated clubs.

Please note the Manawatu Blokart Club and NZBAI will not sell or pass on member information to anyone else.

Emergency contact is essential in case of a serious incident at the track.
Please tick which membership you would like to purchase, and read and sign the terms and conditions below to complete your new membership form.
2 Adults and all children under 19 at April 1st)
Emergency contact number required in case of serious incident at the track.

How to pay for your Club Membership

Internet Banking

(Please include your name as a reference)

Account Name – Manawatu Blokart Club

Account Number- 38-9025-0703301-00