Fitting Tubeless tyres to Compsite High Pressure Rim

Recommended skill level for this guide beginner

Composite High Pressure Rim
The new 50psi Composite Rims are now available aftermarket and will be
standard equipment on all new Blokart’s from January 2022
The Composite Rims feature:
– Strong fibre reinforced construction, which allows tyres to be inflated to 50psi
for minimal frictional resistance when sailing on hard terrain….faster top
– Tubeless Tyre compatibility, the larger diameter shoulders on the Rims allow
the tubules tyres to seal which makes inflation significantly easier.
Video of Tubeless Tyre fitting
– Some sailors have even managed to inflate their tubeless Tyres with a hand pump!
(Tip: leave a tube inflated in the tyres for 24 hours+ before fitting)
– Composite Rims take the same Bearings and Spacers as the older Rims, so its not essential to
replace them when upgrading your Rims.

Video of how to fit and inflate tubeless tyre courtesy of Blokart International