Saturday mornings 10:30 am – 12 noon

Sanson Domain, State Highway 1, Sanson

A fun, safe activity for youngsters
Aged 8 to 18

Cost: $40 per year.
Use of a Kart
Helmet & Gloves
Blokart assn. of NZ affiliation.

Enclosed footwear is required.
All sailing is entirely subject to suitable wind conditions.
Enquiries and further information contact : Arron 027 4969811

Registration online:

Parents confirmation (Required for persons under 14 years of age at date of application for membership)
Price: $40.00
Internet Banking. (please include your name as reference) 38-9025-0703301-00 (Manawatu Blokart Club fees includes NZBAI affiliation fee)
The Manawatu Blokart Club & NZBAI requires the information on this membership form for its own records, administration and statistical purposes, the promotion of Blokart in the news media, the development of Blokart sailing and for the benefit of Manawatu Blokart Club & NZBAI members. Sponsors and other funding agencies may require non-identifying statistical information. Manawatu Blokart Club & NZBAI may also be required to pass your information on for its membership of relevant organisations. Existing relevant organisations are: SPARC – Sport and Recreation NZ. IBRA – International Blokart Racing Association. Affiliated clubs. Please note the Manawatu Blokart Club and NZBAI will not sell or pass on member information to anyone else.

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